Valence Electrons – An Example of an Online Resource

Valence electrons resource

My previous blog post was the first in a series in which I will be describing how I put together my online video resources and how I produce and upload them.  At this point I thought that I would show you an example of the sort of products I enjoy creating.

I have another site where I upload science revision videos, and to date my videos have been watched nearly 16,000 times – not bad for a channel that has only been up and running for a short time.  I have offered to make revision videos ‘on demand’, and it has been really rewarding to receive requests from viewers for specific topics.

The video ‘Valence electrons’ was recently requested, and from beginning to end must have taken me about three hours. The majority of this time is spent putting together the various Powerpoint slides – the recording phase is relatively short (except today when anything that could go wrong did go wrong!).

The final product is then uploaded to YouTube, and shared with my other sites as required.

I’m continuing to experiment with my Waco bamboo tablet  – one day I’ll be as proficient as Salman Khan (of Khan Academy fame) – but it’s another skill that I need to master.  I’ll keep you informed as to how it’s going.

Watch out for the next video in the ‘Create Your Own Online Teaching Resources’ series when I’ll be telling you what tools I use for video production, and I’ll be sharing with you where you can get most of the software absolutely free!

Until next time,