Talking Papers

Talking paper

One of the key items in my ‘iGCSE Course in a Box’ is the talking paper. Schools at the forefront of educational innovation are increasingly using the walking, talking exam as a means of increasing student confidence and exam performance. A walking talking exam involves a teacher going through a particular paper with the students, one question at a time, displaying a scanned copy of the projector and pointed out the key elements of the question.

The teacher may emphasise command words, or the need to take a look at a diagram first and assimilate the necessary information before going on to the question. For example, students need to understand that diagrams are there for a reason – to help them answer the question.

With my Talking Papers I have taken these ideas to the next level. I have made recordings of individual questions with my own narrative in which I describe the ways in which the sections should be tackled, and then I talk through the answers, explaining where marks were given by the examiner.

Feedback from users of my Talking Papers has been incredibly positive. You too can also access the Talking Papers by following the link below and then clicking on the ‘Complete Course in a Box’ link.

I hope that these resources help you in your exam preparation!