14 Weeks to Go!

The iGCSE Science exam clock is ticking!

The first science exam for all examination boards is on Tuesday afternoon, 14thMay.  According to my reckoning, that 14 weeks away – 14 weeks!!   That doesn’t sound like a lot of time.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly those 14 weeks will flash by.  But don’t panic!   There’s still time to get yourself thoroughly prepared.

If you haven’t already started with your revision plan then the first thing I would recommend is that you sit down with a pad of paper and do some planning.  You will need a timetable to really make best use of the time left.    Create a timetable to show those 14 weeks.  Put on your timetable any key dates, such as mock exams, revision classes, holidays…….

Then use your textbooks, revision guides and any other resources at your disposal to work out how many topics you need to revise in the available timespan – and don’t leave any ‘new’ revision until the last minute!   The final couple of weeks should be a time of ‘consolidation’ when you are reading through your revision notes and doing some fine-tuning of your knowledge.

So – now is the time to get planning.  Next week, with 13 weeks to go, we can start looking at the different ways in which you can prepare for the exams.  The best revision technique is the one that suits you best!